Work it Off: 3 Ways to Burn Off the 400 Calories in a Donut

You know how sometimes you just want a donut? This is a feeling I actually have a lot–basically every time I walk past the bakery section of the grocery store. I usually don’t give in, but sometimes I do because, you know, everything in moderation—even donuts.

burn donut

On a recent trip to the grocery store I gave in. And it was totally worth it. I picked a cake donut that had chocolate frosting and sprinkles because if you’re going to go, go big. I savored the treat, making sure I wasn’t distracted while eating. I really wanted to enjoy every bite. And I did. Indulging at the start of my shopping trip probably helped me keep from filling my cart with unnecessary items. I purchased a bunch of produce and some kitchen staple but nothing baked or packaged.

In my mind, eating this donut was definitely the lesser of two evils—one occasional indulgence versus a package of cookies that would be eaten day after day for a week. Still, there was a price to pay, of about 400 calories. (Wow! That number shocked me–I would have guessed more like 275.)

So, how could I have burned off the extra 400 calories?


burn shop

I could have grocery shopped for 131 minutes.


burn swim

I could have swam for 42 minutes.


burn elliptical

Or I could have used the elliptical machine for 37 minutes.


I would up swimming. Only 3 month months until the outdoor pool opens!


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