3 Easy and Tasty Ways to Eat Through Your Stash of Easter Eggs

Easter is all about eggs. And while your household may have an easy time snacking on the various candy eggs that made their way into your house (chocolate eggs, jelly bean eggs, etc.), good old chicken eggs may be slower to move.

We love eating hard-boiled eggs as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack—they’re a tasty blend of protein and fat which is why diets like The Royal Danish Diet and The Paleo Diet recommend them. But we also know that eating eggs a la carte can get a little old. Rather than slog through another uninspiring bite, try out one of these simple recipes which calls for hard-boiled eggs.


Chicken and Apple Cobb Salad: The apples and avocados in this tasty salad add flavor and extra nutrients. Plus it’s gorgeous! (See above.)

Bacon and Egg Salad: Scallions and bacon make this simple egg salad taste like a gourmet treat.

Broccoli, Olive, and Egg Salad: Red onion, broccoli, green olives, and paprika give this egg salad a bit of Mediterranean flair.

Chances are that after tasting these dishes you won’t wait until next Easter to boil up another batch of eggs!


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