4 Heart-Pounding Options to Dance Off the Pounds

Do you hate running, but still wish you could get your share of cardiovascular activities into your day? I have great news! There are plenty of dance + workout classes or activities you can partake in. In honor of the new season of Dancing With the Stars—which debuted March 17th—let’s talk dance.


If you haven’t heard of Zumba, you must be living under a rock. Zumba has  been around since the 90s, but there has been an upsurge in interest in the past few years. And why not? Zumba is fun, healthy, and an easy way to lose weight without realizing you are losing weight. Set to salsa and hip-hop dance tones, Zumba combines aerobics and rhythm. And fun, obviously. Fun fact: some of the celebrities that love Zumba are Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Jordin Sparks.

hip hop

Hip-hopis one of the most exercise-friendly music genres so there are tons of hip-hop dance classes usually offered at gyms. The heavy beats and fun rhythms are just right for vigorous dance moves and the combination makes for a truly great workout. Even without taking a dance class, turning on hip-hop music and dancing to it in the privacy of your own home can even be a great alternative to being in a class. Fun fact: there are great hip-hop workout DVDs that can help you get into the groove.



Ballet is another dance alternative to working out in a more usual way. Taking part in a ballet class can teach you control, balance and flexibility and help you sculpt leaner, stronger muscles. Toe shoes are probably out for anyone starting out over age 15 or so, but we’re guessing that if you were a childhood ballet dancer your grace and memory of the French terms will come right back. And, even if you never had dreams of starring in a production of The Nutcracker you can still try out the dance style in a class or at home.


pole dance

Pole Dancing
I know it sounds a little unusual, and definitely out of most of our comfort zones, but if you grab some girlfriends and some confidence, pole dancing classes can be a really fun way to work out. Pole dancing is great for upper body strength, core strength, coordination, and balance. Not to mention confidence! Fun fact: Britney Spears and Eva Longoria are just two ladies who have admitted to loving pole dance workouts.

Just dance! Have fun!


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