5 Videos with the Wackiest Ways to Workout with Cats, Dogs, and Horses

We couch potato-loving humans watch longingly as our dogs, cats, and other pets seemingly lounge and nap the day away, but that’s hardly the full picture. Animals are incredibly active beasts. Not too unlike children, the more exercise and playtime they get, the more likely they are to behave. And not too unlike their adult human caretakers, the better shape they’re in, too!

Everyone needs a bit more motivation to get up and get moving, so let your pet be your guide. From cats and dogs to even horses, these four-legged friends make it more fun than ever to drop on your own two legs and give 5, or 10, or 20.

The Weirdest Poodle Workout Video Ever

We recently discovered this ultra bizarre Exercising Poodles video and want to make sure we’re not the only ones enjoying this kind of nonsense.

Mariko Takahashi, who is an actress playing an exercise video star, takes us through different exercise routines alongside poodles. . It is quite the sight–slightly disturbing, but hilarious nonetheless. More so when you realize those are humans in dog suits with superimposed poodle heads.

Workout Like a Horse

Prancercise bills itself as a “fitness workout inspired by horses.” And that it is. Watch Joanna Rohrback gallop and gently buck her way through the prancercising video. Hey, it could be a good workout! Those horses are may be on to something.

The Walrus Workout!

Walruses are not necessarily known for their fitness, but you will change your mind when you check out this adorable walrus work out with his personal trainer Adelaide. Hilarious and adorable.

The Workout Video for Cats

This video hails from College Humor, so naturally, it is hilarious. Watch various cats–Fritz, Harley, Mr. Freckles, and their friends–workout to dubstep.

Doggy Aerobics

kikopup aerobics
Watch Kikopup perform some truly awesome aerobic activities with his owner. They lift, do burpees, leg lifts, wall crawls, and even some ballet moves. Seriously, this dog can do it all. Can you? Bonus points for when the chihuahua friend joins his pals to work out.

See? Exercise can be fun! Take it from these animals.

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