5 Ways to Increase Metabolism

stretchingWhat is metabolism and how does it work? Metabolism consists of hormones and enzymes that convert food into fuel and also effects how efficiently the body burns that fuel. The fuel is converted into energy for the body to do anything from thinking to exercising.

According to KidsHealth.org there are two kinds of metabolism that occur at the same time. One is anabolism (constructive metabolism), which consists of building and storing while it supports the growth of new cells, maintenance of body tissues, and the storage of energy for future use. The second is catabolism (destructive metabolism), which is the process of producing the energy required for all activity in the cells. The cells break down large molecules to release energy which provides fuel for anabolism, heats the body, and allows the muscles to contract and the body to move.

Some people have a hard time gaining weight, while others gain it rather quickly. This is due to a few common factors: amount of activity or exercise, the amount of muscle and fat in the body, and the basal metabolic rate (BMR). The BMR is a measure of the rate the body burns energy in the form of calories while at rest.

For example: a person with a low basal metabolic rate burns calories slower than a person with an average or high basal metabolic rate and will tend to gain more pounds of body fat over-time. There are a few simple ways that the metabolism can be increased or sparked:

  1. Exercise in the morning.
  2. Eat spicy foods.
  3. Drink ice cold water with meals.
  4. Stay active throughout the day, especially after meals.
  5. Eat several smaller meals rather than a few large meals.

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