90 Year Old Fitness Instructor Still Going Strong

90-year old Lillian Lucas in action

You can learn a lot from a 90-year-old woman. They have seen so many changes in the world, from the rise and fall of the Third Reich to television and the World Wide Web. Their wisdom runs deep, but I bet you wouldn’t think that they could teach you a thing or two about how to be fit.

Then again, if you make it to 90, maybe you are doing something right. On March 21, 2021 Lillian Lucas celebrated her 90th birthday with some of her students.

Lucas is no gimmick. No, she isn’t guesting in some 30-year-old instructor’s class to show how much “spunk” she has. The New Baltimore, Michigan woman has been teaching fitness for 30 years. “I’m a tough teacher, and I do it myself, and they see that I’m doing it, and then it encourages them,” Lucas said.

“She doesn’t act like a 90-year-old person; she doesn’t seem like a 90-year-old person,” says one of her students, Ramona Gillette. “It kind of makes it better because we’re not – what would be the word – intimidated by some young thing in hot tights.”

Lucas began taking fitness classes in the ‘70s, when she was already a middle aged woman, when a fitness instructor bowed out and she stepped in. That was 1978, and she’s been motivating her students and staying fit ever since.

Take a look at her inspiring story:

(via: KLTV)

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