Ali Vincent Boasts the Fitness Benefits of Dancing with Cheryl Burke

Have you ever heard someone say “put it it out to the universe” and wondered what they meant by it? Well, I have and for a long time I wasn’t exactly sure how or what I was supposed to be putting “out” to the universe. It wasn’t until I first went onto The Biggest Loser did I really try to figure it out either. I knew that I was being given the opportunity of a lifetime and I wanted to take full advantage of it, so I tried to recall any and every thing I had ever heard anyone attribute success to. One thing that kept coming to mind was the idea that if I put my goal of becoming the first female Biggest Loser out to the universe it would in fact come true. But what did that mean exactly?

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I remember years ago hearing that if you wanted to create a million dollars you should write yourself a check for $1,000,000.00 and paste it somewhere that you saw everyday, several times a day. I also knew that this didn’t work because I, like everyone else who had ever heard that had done, wrote the check and taped it to my mirror. Yet I never created a million dollars. So there had to be more to it.

I decided to also take action! I started telling everyone I came in contact with exactly what my goal was and why I wanted to attain it. I was putting my goal out to the universe. I also implemented the diet and exercise program suggested by my trainer, Jillian. Before I knew it I was starting to see real results and better than that I started having situations or people cross my path that assisted me toward this goal. I believe that it was the collective consciousness that allowed me to make my goal of becoming the first female Biggest Loser a reality.

In an interview five years ago I was asked if I would ever do another reality show and my immediate answer was NO WAY. I continued to share the only other show I might be interested in was ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but there was one problem…I wasn’t a STAR. So I asked the reporter, “Can you make me a star?” as well as countless reporters after, so I could be on Dancing with the Stars. I was putting it out to the universe.

I also went about trying to reach as many people as I could and help them reach there goals which in turn made me more recognizable and maybe even “star like.” Not only that, but recently I was able to film with Cheryl Burke and Health magazine about dancing your way to being healthy. I remember often dancing my way through my last calories of the day that needed to be burned for the day. Then another opportunity arose where I was able to film on the set of Dancing with the Stars, the universe was at work again.

So I guess if history is proof of what works and the universe provides if we put our goals and desires out to it, then maybe next season I will be on Dancing with the Stars? Who knows, but I’m going to choose to BELIEVE, plus it could prove you can have fun AND burn all the calories you need, to reach or maintain your goal!

Check out this week’s episode of Live Big with Ali Vincent to see all the moves Cheryl Burke taught us so that we can take action. Man was it fun!

Until next week,
Ali xo

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