Are Crunches and Sit-Ups Dangerous?

Are crunches and sit-ups destroying your back? According to Dr. Richard Guyer, president of the Texas Back Institute, crunches and sit-ups put an unhealthy strain on your back due to the flex movement of the crunch or sit-up. The spine has the most nerves of any area of the body, and the bends and strains of crunches and sit-ups can lead to extensive nerve damage.

I totally agree with Dr. Richard Guyer on this subject. Crunches and sit-ups do actually put an unhealthy strain on the spine. On the other hand, how many of you play or have played sports, or eat fast food? Almost everyone, right? Playing sports and eating out is also extremely hard on the body, but we still do it! Everything we do on a daily basis is pretty much unhealthy for the body. That’s just life. Sitting in the car for too long, sitting at the office all day, playing golf, or running… all of these activities take a toll on the body over time and can lead to injury at some point in our lives.

My point is that you can’t live your life in a bubble. No matter what activity you participate in, healthy or not, there will be a benefit and a consequence. As for me, I will continue to perform abdominal and core workouts such as crunches and sit-ups. If you choose to do so as well, please listen to your body, use correct technique, and discontinue if you have back discomfort. Below are a few core exercises that have been approved for the spine. Good luck!

Core Exercises That Do Not Put A Strain On The Spine:

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