Balletone is a Fusion of Dance and Fitness for the Mind and Body

If you are wanting to find a fun low-impact fitness class that includes ballet, and yoga, you may want to try Balletone®.

Balletone® is a program that combines low-impact dance and fitness. Currently it offers three different formats that work off the same theme. Sole Synthesis combines ballet, fitness and yoga fusion. Standing Flow is the more traditional ballet inspired conditioning class and Center Moves is a cardio/strength format that is also inspired from ballet.

Created around 10 years ago, it has spanned several genres appealing to a wider audience. Shannon Fables, the owner of Balletone®, currently resides in Boulder, Colorado where she travels all over the world to teach and instruct the program. Even though Boulder is the hot spot for Balletone, there are hundreds of qualified instructors all over the United States and the world. Using Balletone, they are “fast-forwarding the mind-body & fitness.” 

“Balletone® is an amazing meditation, Fable explains, “that can be done anywhere with no equipment, no shoes and no previous experience required.” This program, that performs its fitness routine barefoot, is a huge hit in Japan. In January 2023, the Japanese media picked it as the hottest workout.

These different formats are good for anyone, since its low-impact and its intensity is variable. But don’t think that just because its low-impact means you won’t see any results.

“It is a conditioning program,” said Fable,”therefore you should see lower body toning as well as increased core control and balance, there is a cardio component as well to strengthen the heart.”

Balletone® offers the opportunity for anyone interested in becoming an instructor to complete a live course that teaches the principles and the technique of the program, as well as the unique class design and delivery systems, there is also an option to study at home.

So if you are looking to instruct or are just looking to try a Balletone® class, Fable says, “You leave the experience feeling strong, stretched and centered from the ground up with a renewed sense of SELF… consider it moving meditation!”

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