Beginner’s Guide To Boxing

Fitness, or cardio, boxing is derived from the sport of boxing and implemented into an individual or group exercise program. Cardio kickboxing has become a very popular group fitness class and can be found in just about any health or fitness club today.

Cardio kickboxing incorporates total body cardiovascular training with sport-specific techniques with or without equipment. An hour of cardio kickboxing can burn, on average, around 1,000 calories. Be sure to contact your physician before participating in a cardio kickboxing class, especially if you have limitations or high risk factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, family history of heart disease, age, and certain body weight.

Shadow boxing is a popular workout tool as well. I use this form of exercise almost every session with my clients, and they seem to love every second of it. I use a series of jabs, hooks, upper-cuts, and kicks to get the entire body involved and the heart rate racing. I typically use shadow boxing as a second warm-up activity (following a mile on the treadmill or elliptical).

I have my clients participate in no more than 15 minutes of shadow boxing due to the intensity and elevated heart rate. Fifteen minutes of shadow boxing with me burns around 300 to 400 calories (without stopping). Good luck with your workouts!

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing and Shadow Boxing:

  1. Improve cardiovascular endurance
  2. Increase total body strength
  3. Improve muscular endurance
  4. Reduce body fat
  5. Improve circulation
  6. Improve total body coordination
  7. Great way to spice up normal exercise routines
  8. Meet new people
  9. Bond with friends
  10. Burn an enormous amount of calories

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