Beginner’s Guide to Medicine Balls

Medicine balls have been around forever and are among one of the oldest forms of strength and endurance training. In ancient Greece, medicine balls were made from animal skins sewn together and stuffed with sand. They were used for rehabilitation and injury prevention. Today, medicine balls are usually round and made of rubber or leather, but they do come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Medicine balls generally range from two to 25 pounds, and are typically used for standard plyometric weight training, which is characterized by fast powerful movements and muscle contractions to increase speed, power, strength, and flexibility.

Medicine balls are very durable and can be used just about anywhere. Athletes commonly use them for explosive training (quick and powerful movements) by throwing them to the ground or off a sturdy wall. The medicine ball is also a great way to modify and add enjoyment to any weight training exercise or workout.

As a fitness specialist, I incorporate medicine balls into each and every one of my clients’ workouts. I typically use them for core strength and endurance training, but in other ways as well. Medicine balls can be found online or at any sports store.

Benefits of Medicine Balls:

  1. Great strength training tool
  2. Great endurance training tool
  3. Great plyometric training tool
  4. Used for injury prevention
  5. Used for rehabilitation purposes
  6. Great core training tool
  7. Great modification tool
  8. Used as a progression to any weight training exercise or movement
  9. Can be used at the gym, home, or outside
  10. Great explosion training tool (quick and powerful movements)

Sample Medicine Ball Workout Routine

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