Biggest Loser Fitness Card Game

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to make your workouts more interesting? Try this playing card tip from Jillian Michaels.

playing-cardsTake a deck of cards and do the number of repetitions that appear on that card:

  • 2 through 10 – Do that many repetitions
  • Face cards – Do 10 repetitions
  • Ace – One minute break

With each card you’ll also alternate your movements:

  • Diamonds – Push-ups
  • Hearts – Lunges
  • Spades – Crunches
  • Clubs – Reverse Crunch

Don’t stop until you’ve finished all 52 cards!

When budget, convenience and monotony are holding you back from getting a great workout, give new ideas like this Biggest Loser fitness card game a try. You’ll save money by using an old deck of cards, there are no gym fees and you can do it from home, work or a hotel, and each time you do it you’ll experience a different workout.

9 Responses to Biggest Loser Fitness Card Game

jenn says:

thanks so much. i was looking for this everywhere!

Heidi says:

that would KILL me LOL

Melanie says:

Ready to try this out!

Jamie says:

I was trying to remember what Jillian said last night about this workout, thank you for posting this!

s hansen says:

thank you so much for posting. I too heard Jillian but did not get the full clip. I cannot wait to try this- being a traveler I think this is a good way to keep on top of exercising in hotel rooms etc.

Carrie says:

Sounds like a great thing to me! I’ve always loved cards, so this will be a good way to get some much needed exercise.

Erin Nicole says:

I hear jillian tip about this last week. I think it sounds fun. I think I would be sore the next day….but still sounds fun. Can’t wait to see what she has to say tonight. 🙂

T says:

Thanks I have been looking for this!

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