Biggest Losers Run Boston Marathon for Charity

Danny Cahill and Jay Kruger run the 114th Boston Marathon. (photo by Amanda Arlauskas)

Biggest Losers Danny Cahill and Jay Kruger running the 114th Boston Marathon.

Boston’s 114th “Marathon Monday” was something not to joke about. The city literally came together to line the 26.2 mile marathon course with screaming supporters. There are no other words for the atmosphere except for totally amazing, inspiring, and just phenomenal. Six former Bigger Losers were invited to run the race for a charity called Good Sports, and a seventh (Tracey Yukich) ran it for a different charity, Homes for the Troops.

The race began with the mobility-impaired racers, followed by the wheelchairs, elite women, elite men, qualified men and women, and then charity runners. Robert Cheruiyot from Kenya won the men’s marathon in 02:05:51, and Teyba Erkesso from Ethiopia took first place in the woman’s marathon crossing the line in 02:26:14.

Biggest Losers Rebecca Meyer with Amanda Arlauskas at the Boston Marathon.

Season 5’s Mark Kruger made an impressive finish out of the group with a time of 03:37:55. The most current Biggest Loser winner Danny Cahill came in second, finishing at 05:08:47. Jay Kruger suffered with a shin injury throughout the race, but followed right behind at 05:10:14. Rebecca Meyer was fourth at 05:49:01 and Ali Vincent fifth at 05:53:27. Tracey Yukich, who ran the marathon with the Dr. Huizenga from The Biggest Loser, finished next, and behind her was Rudy Pauls. Unfortunately, with injuries themselves, they both finished right after 06:20:00 and didn’t receive official results.

This was without a doubt a difficult but amazing task that resulted in a huge accomplishment, the finishing of the Boston Marathon!

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