Bob Harper’s new book: Are You Ready!

Biggest Loser fans have gotten a front-row seat to see how the fitness expert Bob Harper helps people battling their weight lose hundreds of pounds and find a person inside themselves they thought was long gone. This week he released his new book, “Are You Ready! To Take Charge, Lose Weight, Get in Shape and Change Your Life.”Bob Harper Are You Ready

It is a must-read this spring if you’ve always wanted to dig deeper inside the mind of Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper and reap the benefits of his life-altering weight loss tactics. The book is a fairly quick read- opening with a few chapters to help you dig deep inside the emotional side of your weight. Find out the “why” so that you can move forward from there. The next few chapters are dedicated to the diet- although he urges you not to treat this like a diet. As the title suggests, you have to be completely ready to change your lifestyle. Finally, he dedicates the lengthiest portion of the book to exercise and fitness. Bob provides step-by-step instruction for dozens of exercises that include cardio, upper body, lower body and yoga.

This is as close to a personalized lifestyle makeover from Bob Harper as most will ever be lucky enough to have. It’s well worth the $23 investment and time spent reading.

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