Burger King Japan Launches New Diet Disaster

Burger King's Meat Monster HamburgerFast-Food chain Burger King is continuing the trend of launching ultra-fatty sandwiches in Japan with a new burger. First, McDonald’s launched its “Big America” campaign, which features a collection of burgers (yes, a collection–there are at least four of them) named for American locations and are loaded with a barrage of high-calorie items, from chips to chili. Now, Burger King has launched the Meat Monster burger.

As part of the “Have It Your Way” promotion, the Meat Monster is based on the All Heavy, a burger that has about one and a half times the amount of toppings as a regular Whopper. The Meat Monster then has two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, an extra 3.3 ounce beef patty and a Tendergrill chicken patty. The burger sells for 820 yen, the equivalent of $9.70. Using the equivalent U.S. ingredients, The Consumerist estimates that the sandwich has 1160 calories, while SeriousEats used Burger King’s online meal builder to get an estimated value of 1310 calories.

The Meat Monster is not available in the U.S., and frankly, we’re glad. Although you could construct an equivalent burger from the “Have It Your Way” menu, we hope no one will. From the looks of it, the burger has more than 1000 calories, which is way more than we recommend consuming in any one meal.

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