Burger King Rolls out New Bacon Sundae at Select Locations

As the self proclaimed queen of ice cream in my family, I’ve tried some pretty out there flavors over the course of my life. Cappuccino chocolate chunk, bubblegum, birthday cake, french toast; my adventurous palette has never led me astray!

But I just don’t get the whole bacon in dessert thing – it doesn’t seem right. Bacon belongs on my breakfast plate next to my eggs, toast and and coffee – not on my ice cream sundae. But, if Burger King has anything to say about it, that’s exactly where it belongs.

The fast food giant has introduced a bacon sundae that features vanilla soft serve, chocolate sauce and several pieces of crispy bacon. The over-the-top treat will set customers back about $2.49 and is only available at a handful of locations in Nashville, Tennessee.

Company spokesperson Randi Farynyk told NPR that “The company is currently testing menu items in a small sampling of U.S. restaurants. The brand does not have plans to expand the test to additional markets at this time.”

While the bacon sundae has many in shock and disgust, others have rejoiced over news of the salty treat. Twitter has been aflood with talk of the new out-there dessert. One user Sophie Uesson tweeted, “Yum, Burger King Launches Bacon Sundae! – As a bacon fan I must say that this sounds sweet.” And another, thomasruns, said “At burger king I really can have it my way,” and even posted a picture of himself biting into a big piece of salty bacon atop his very own bacon sundae.

But others are staunchly opposed to the idea like Berto M who tweeted “That just sounds sooooooooo nasty…” and Katelyn Meade who said, “I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore,” in response to the news. I’m glad to know there are others out there who share my opinion.

Aside from its unappetizing appearance, it has to be absolutely terrible for you. But without nutritional statistics available on Burger King’s website, we can only speculate as to the amount of fat and calories the bacon sundae will set you back. But it’s almost better not to know – we may be in even more disgust if we did.

Who knows if the sundae will catch on. If it does, it could potentially be available at Burger King locations across the country, from which I will maintain a safe distance. Sundae or not, I intend to keep my bacon far, far away from my dessert plate and next to my eggs for the foreseeable future. Because in my opinion, that’s the only place it belongs.

image from Adz Talk on Twitter

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