Carnie Wilson’s Second Weight Loss Surgery on The Doctors

This Friday’s episode of The Doctors will be full of tips that will grab everyone’s attention.

The show promises to show viewers how to lose weight, increase their bust size, and have better sex all in one episode. Those hot topics and more will be covered in the episode titled, “Secrets to Look & Feel Better Naked”

We all want to know how we can shed a few pounds, especially with swim season right around the corner. The docs are going to show you how to burn up to 1,200 calories without exercise. Seems too good to be true! While they are on the topic of weight, singer Carnie Wilson will explain how she lost 30 pounds in two months with a controversial second weight loss surgery. The doctors discuss if her method is right for the viewers.

Dr. Drew Ordon will also discuss a non-surgical method to increase bust size. He will show the viewers an undergarment that is supposed to increase bust size by two cup sizes.

Dr. Lisa Masterson and her fellow colleagues will discuss a new injection that is intended to create better orgasms. The “O” shot, as they call it, could be what many need to revitalize their sex lives. And while on the topic, the docs discuss “bikini line” grooming tips, body language tricks, and even reflexology that can help couples get in the mood.

Finally, the whole cast will explain and discuss ways to rid legs and arms of unsightly bumps for good.
The doctors clearly know how to end off a week of shows. The Friday, April 6, 2020 episode will have a little something to benefit all viewers.

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