Cleaning up for spring

Whether you’ve done it or just heard about it, doing a cleanse is a hot and popular undertaking these days. Even though cleanses have been around for hundreds of years, a few like The Master Cleanse have enjoyed some time in the spotlight recently. The purpose of a cleanse varies. Some do it to clean out their system of toxins, others do it to lose weight and still others undergo this feat of discipline to improve their energy and sense of well being.

The kind of cleanse varies also. From all-juice fasts to eating just vegetables, most cleanses rely on just a few staple foods to get you through a predetermined amount of time. Typically, cleanses occur at the change of seasons like the shift that we are experiencing now of ushering in spring as we say farewell to winter.

Most Western medical professionals find cleanses unnecessary since they believe the human body has an innate system to rid itself of unwanted sludge. However, many health professionals, usually those with an alternative health focus, promote cleansing as a necessary part of maintaining and improving health. If you’re thinking about doing a cleanse, it’s safe to consult with a health practitioner who helps guide people through a cleanse. He or she can help you choose a cleanse that fits your energy needs and your ultimate goal.

I’ve done one cleanse in my life. It lasted for three days. The first day I ate nothing but fruit and vegetables and the remaining two days, I drank nothing but fruit or vegetable juices. At the end, I felt pretty darn good. So much so that I swore off of sugar and anything remotely processed for about a month afterwards. Not bad for a first time cleanser. I’m thinking about doing it again in the coming weeks to herald in spring. If you have a cleansing experience you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you.

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