Dessert Fads: Cupcakes Out, Frozen Treats Vying to be In

This past week, Business Week reported on the epic rise and fall of The Cupcake. Sad, but not completely surprising: I’ve been digging all of the cupcake shops popping up in the past few years although, I’ve seen almost as many close down. And this isn’t just happening near me—cupcakes are on decline everywhere! Per the story, just a few years ago Crumbs Bake Shop, which has been in business since 2003, couldn’t make enough of their gourmet cupcakes to keep up with the orders. But the shop has shifted their focus to “specialty desserts” like the the “Crumbnut,” which is a hybrid between a cupcake and a croissant. (Largely inspired by the blockbuster “cronut,” which is a combination of a donut and a croissant, the “crumbnut” may easily be the next big thing.)


But if cupcakes are out, and the croissant-hybrids aren’t yet huge sensations, what is the next dessert fad?

Frozen yogurt certainly surged in the past few years. Although everyone under the sun loves ice-cream, frozen yogurt was an awesome alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or wanted a sweet treat with less fat and fewer calories. After all, yogurt sounds better than whole milk and sugar, right? And as we all know, frozen yogurt goes well with anything—so toppings were a huge advantage to froyo shops. Kids especially loved scooping up toppings from gummy bears to cookie bits (which of course decrease some of the “health” factor).

But we see another front-runner in the dessert category making their way to the front of the sweet-tooth train: Popsicles! Specialty popsicle shops (who knew there was such a thing!?) are definitely seeing a rise in popularity, and why not? Popsicles are so refreshing, easy to eat on the move, generally not all that high in calories, and very versatile! (We’ve seen flavors that span from fruity sorbets to super decadent caramel and chocolate.) Check out if your city is featured on this list of best gourmet popsicles in America. If not, don’t fret—you will likely be seeing some options in your hometown soon!


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