Did Jamie Oliver Fail, or Did We?

Anytime someone attempts to make a change, other people will attempt to hinder those efforts through their own behavior or naysaying. Change is uncomfortable for some people, because the world surrounding them is altered, and it may also highlight their own need to change. Thus, it is not terribly surprising to me that the Internet is full of spoilers about Jamie’s “failure.”

If the leaks are to be believed, I am saddened that there is a return to at least some of the status quo food items based on the reasoning that the kids don’t like it. Have you tried to stop soda or shift to drinking your coffee black? Of course the kids prefer the sweetened milk to which they are accustomed. Have you ever tried to drink it again after you have made the switch? Eventually, the kids will prefer the healthier stuff.

Yes, it is important that children eat, but isn’t what they eat also important? Don’t we read new research all the time reiterating the dangers of processed foods? They may be getting enough protein according to dietary guidelines, but how many unnecessary chemicals and carcinogens are they also ingesting?

Children are not reading this research because they are children. Even if they did read the research, are they capable of integrating that information into their decision making? We are the adults; we have to be the adults. That means making adult decisions, and not leaving it to the children. Children are not capable of parenting themselves. We have to be the ones creative enough to dress up as a giant pea pod to get children to try new foods. We also have to be the ones to find creative ways to get them to eat healthy foods.

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