Don’t Exercise, it’s Bad for Joints and Morale

shoulder painAs more and more people hit the gym to try to lose weight, researchers point out they might be doing more harm than good. All that running on treadmills, lifting heavy weights, jumping rope like school girls and doing endless crunches might help you burn a few pounds, but researchers want to you to ask yourself one question – is that worth your smile?

A breakthrough study involving one man and one woman over the course of six days found that the more time they spent in the gym, the more their bones were achy, the more irritable they were, and the more likely they were to pout. Stretching before the workout only made it worse.

“We decided it’s just not worth it. We’d rather be fat and happy,” said Ken, who represents 50 percent of the test group.

The good news, especially for those who love the gym or those just getting excited about exercising, is that we’ve totally made-up this story. So, happy April Fool’s Day from!

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