EasyFlex Joint Relief Formula: Comprehensive Review

The joint health formula EasyFlex Joint Relief is a new take on a very simple formula. Much like any other joint health supplement, it uses anti-inflammatories to help reduce discomfort, to relieve pain, and to improve overall movement.

When we reviewed it we saw both some good and bad in it. It’s great that it’s al-natural and free of common allergens, but it’s also only 3 total ingredients, limiting its total impact on joint health. Check out our full review if you’d like to see what this can truly offer, and how it ranks in the world of supplements.

The Basics: Good and Bad

  • Good

What we like about this is that you know exactly what you’re getting. Because the 3 active ingredients are patented, there have been some scientific trials done on each additive.

They also make sure to keep the formula free from any of the following:

  • No soy
  • No dairy
  • No GMO’s
  • No preservatives
  • No sugar

All this is good but to be fair, rarely do any joint health supplements contain any of the above. Some have preservatives but even that is rare. Still, it’s good that they make it clear none of this is used, since it’s unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

The dosing is also clear, which is suggested at two capsules with a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning. It may be necessary to eat something small if you have any digestive issues.

There’s also a complete FAQ section on the official website which helps give a brief overview on what should be expected. They explain things like what kind of cartilage is used (it’s chicken, which is common), how to take it, if it can be used with a multivitamin, and more.

  • Bad

There’s not much support from the 3 total ingredients. Keep in mind that if each ingredient was not patented, it would be a really weak formula. The fact each ingredient is backed by a patent does seem like a great thing, but you have to consider the fact that it doesn’t seem likely it would be that much better had it been the plain extract.

The biggest problem that consumers would not know about unless they performed deep research is that 2 of the 3 ingredients are not added in amounts that are optimal for results.

Why EasyFlex Joint Relief fails to provide a useful dosing strength is unknown, but it’s the biggest problem surrounding this supplement. You’d expect them to at least include the ingredients in amounts which are going to have the greatest impact, considering that only 3 ingredients are used.

Here’s what the makers of WokVel had to say:

“333- 999mg / day”

They say that you’d have to take 333mg 3 times a day. EasyFlex has only 666mg. We can’t find any information on why they would fail to add it in amounts which were studied. It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

The other patented ingredient which isn’t added in the best amount is Longvida Optimized Curcumin. They suggest taking it at:

“400 – 2,000 mg / day”

They decided to go with the bare minimum at just 400mg, when it would have been much more useful had it been included near the 2,000mg studied limit. Already there were questions about the effectiveness of this product with just 3 ingredients, and for whatever reason they decided to add most of it in a weak dosage strength.


The only way you can read about customer experiences is by visiting the company’s official website. Unfortunately we can’t truly trust if this is a reliable supplement by only examining their featured reviews. We’d need much more variety by reviewing different websites which don’t have the same risk of allowing only positive reviews.

It’s not known if the company allows there to be all kinds of reviews. We’re not saying that the featured reviews aren’t true, just that having more websites would have made it easier to trust what this has to offer.

They do mention that the all the total reviews tally up to a 4.6 out of 5 which is impressive, but we’d need more evidence to know if this is a reliable number. Right now they have a total of 113 reviews, which seems like a lot but it doesn’t make sense that there wouldn’t be reviews on other websites.

The Ingredients

  • Longvida Optimized Curcumin Extract was made by the Verdure Sciences company. Curcumin is a herb that has a great tradition as an anti-inflammatory seasoning. Much like other herbs, in order to maximize its potential for effect, it has to be either taken with something, or extracted carefully.


The reason why this is patented is in order to help maximize its potential for antioxidant support, which then boosts healthy tissue. In ancient times and in Ayurvedic medicine it was often made with fats in order to boost its absorption.


  • WokVel is also made by the same company, and it’s a concentrated form of Boswellia serrata. This too has been used traditionally as a way to help reduce inflammation, a major root cause which affects movement, comfort, and overall joint health.


  • UC-II Standardized Cartilage, the tissue found in humans and animals which is a part of many tissues. This is supposed to combat inflammation but studies which prove this are lacking enough support, making it impossible to know for certain if it would be effective as such.

The company behind this brand makes the bold claim that it will work:

“Significantly better… (when compared to both) glucosamine and chondroitin”

This is a very controversial statement which fortunately they support by providing a citation to a study crafted by the KGK Synergize Incorporated group. While their findings did seem good, they were funded by a company known as InterHealth, who also makes this ingredient. It would be in their best interest to make it seem better than glucosamine and chondroitin, making it hard to trust them when they make claims like this.

The Business

They go by the name of 1MD and their website is fairly easy to navigate. Their contact details are offered as well as their hours of operation.

Returns: Offered within 90 days of purchase. You have to contact them in order for it to be processed, or write on the package to let them know it is a return.

Refunds can take up to 21 days to process, and it’s only offered if you buy it from an authorized source. You can only get your money back if it is returned within the time period it would take to finish it. So in other words, if you get a 6 month supply you’d have to wait a full 6 months.

Concerns: They offer a free trial. In reviewing many kinds of supplements it’s often seen that a claimed free trial is anything but. Far too many companies will offer this supposed trial which you can cancel at any time, but if you fail to cancel, you’ll be automatically obligated to pay for a month to month supply.

While it seems like you’d be able to cancel anytime, often companies use this to legally charge customers credit cards as they see fit. They’ll sometimes avoid customer’s calls or have an excuse why the order cannot be cancelled. We’re not saying this company too will offer the same experience, just that it’s hard to trust them when so little is known about them.

The only way you can learn about 1MD is if you visit their official website.

What do we know about them?:  Not much, other than the complaints on the companies official Better Business Bureau listing. 2 people complained about delivery, another 2 said there were issues with the product and or service, and 1 person had issues with the claimed advertising.

Some who wrote about the company said that their website is faulty and would result in multiple unwanted charges. Thankfully we couldn’t find any issues related to the free trial program.


Relying on only 3 ingredients to help improve your joint health is asking a lot. Paying $69.95 for a single 30 day serving is also too much. The ingredients are essentially different versions of common additives already used in far too many supplements. It’s possible they may be better than their simple counterparts, but it’s still not good enough.

The positive things are that nothing artificial is added, and you get only natural ingredients which have been studied in trials. Still, the fact that 2 of the 3 ingredients are under dosed is troubling. You’re already getting very little, the least they could have done it include it in a dosage strength recommended by the patent manufacturers.

Customers also had some issues with the company, including unexpected and undesired additional charges caused by the website. Overall it’s asking too much to expect efficient and lasting joint health support from this very basic formula.

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