Eva Longoria Serves Up the Divorce Diet

Divorce Diet Conversation with Eva Longoria Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria recently invented the “Divorce Diet,” and many are buzzing that it’s the next big weight loss craze. “I don’t know why, everybody loses weight after a divorce!” said Longoria. Who doesn’t want to slim down or shape up to make their ex jealous after a divorce or breakup?

Longoria appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her new cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen. She explained that she’s on a “divorce diet” after her marriage to NBA player Tony Parker ended. When asked about her divorce, she replied, “great, I’ve been so busy–I mean divorce is not great,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve been fine. Getting through it, getting past it.  It’s nice to be surrounded by your family and your friends and also to be blessed with a great career and other projects like my book.”

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Eva talks about how she grew up eating at home with her entire family, never eating fast food, to which she attributes her love of cooking and lifelong healthy habits. Although she doesn’t really reveal the details of her divorce diet, you can find many of her favorite healthy recipes in her cookbook.

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