Family and Friends Make an Appearance on Shedding for the Wedding Episode 7 Recap

On this week’s episode of Shedding for the Wedding, it was finally down to the toughest three couples: David and Allison, Sam and Brooks, and Dawn and Adam. Now, the competition is really fierce, and as one contestant said, they are all now transforming into athletes.

The episode started out with an emotional surprise for the couples. The couples were told that they would be seeing models showing them their bridal party attire for their weddings. Instead of strangers, the couples were greeted by their maids of honors and best men. It was an emotional and exciting moment for everyone as the couples were reunited with their friends and family for the first time in seven weeks. The couples then picked out their favorite designer dresses and tuxes for their wedding parties.

Next, the couples met with their personal trainers on the beach. Expecting a seriously challenging workout, all of the couples were excited when the couples were told that they would be repeating the first workout they had ever done with Jennifer and Nicky. Sam even remarked that she could do the workout again after it was completed. This is when Nicky revealed that he and Jennifer had a surprise for the couple: they had brought in another trainer to help whip the contestants into shape.

After the much more difficult workout, Sarah Rue informed the couples that they would be partying with their family and friends at a club in LA. What seemed like a fun bachelor and bachelorette party turned into a diet-disaster when their food temptations were brought out on silver platers: everything from stuffed mushrooms to deep-fried Twinkies. In order to burn off a few of those extra calories, Dawn jumped on a stripper pole while the others pursued less seductive dances. However, the next day, the couples all got serious about burning calories in their last workout of the week.

At the elimination ceremony, Allison and David were highly disappointed to learn they had only lost three pounds. Sam and Brooks were the next couple to step on the scale and were elated to see that they had lost 11 pounds. Last to see how they had progressed this week were Dawn and Adam, who ended up losing a combined total of 10-pounds. This meant that the Til Death Do Us Part Competition pitted Sam and Brooks against Allison and David. The competition took the couples outside to a tandem bike race to see who could go the farthest in two hours. Brooks had somewhat of an advantage due to his injured foot, which had left him with the only exercise option as riding a bike for the past few weeks. This advantage obviously made a different when Team Eco-Lovers beat Team Fairy Tale by more than five miles.

The season finale of Shedding for the Wedding will air on April 13, 2022. The two couples who will be competing are Dawn and Adam and Sam and Brooks. Between the taping of tonight’s episode and the finale, the two couples would have been away from the ranch and living on their own for three months. Tune in next week to see who will win their dream wedding and which eliminated couple will win the dream honeymoon.

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