Fitness Mattrz Provides Tools to Get Healthy Without a Gym Membership

Carol Dunlop is certified through FiTour as a personal trainer, and frequent guest blogger for She has a special enthusiasm for fitness and sharing her passion for health with others, and is also the founder of Optimum Body Sculpting – a website that provides resources for people looking to shape up and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Carol recently started a new extension of that site called Fitness Mattrz – a fitness site and social network that provides members with all the tools they need to get healthy and stay that way – from nutrition advice to workout videos – all from the privacy of their own home.

We interviewed Carol about her new venture as founder of Fitness Mattrz, and this is what she had to say.

Tell us a bit about your journey to health and why you’re so passionate about fitness.

I started my fitness journey after my son was born in 1979. I gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy and wanted to get back in my size 7 clothes. I bought a two-piece, pink workout outfit for inspiration and joined a ladies exercise gym. Within a few weeks, inches and pounds started to melt away and before you know it, I was in a size 5. Wow! I had never worn that size, even before pregnancy.

But just two weeks after that victory, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. But this time, I was armed with knowledge. I walked all during my pregnancy and ate much better this time. Two weeks after delivering my daughter, I was back in my regular clothes. I was hooked on exercise and wanted to share this exhilarating feeling with others, so I became an aerobics instructor. I decided to become a personal trainer because I realized that people need more specialized assistance and classes aren’t enough.

What do you hope to achieve with your new fitness site?

The goal for Fitness Mattrz is to provide people with a one-stop destination for fitness and health, where they can get all the necessary tools to help them get fit and stay that way. There are other sites that provide classes or coaching or workouts, but to have all this in one place is so essential, considering how busy everyone is.

What inspired you to create it?

During my personal training career, I became aware of the need to address the “whole person” throughout their journey. This includes wellness coaching, nutrition advice, changing lifestyle habits and learning about diseases and conditions that they may be at risk for or currently suffer from. I realized that I could only help so many people at a time doing one-on-one sessions and there were so many people from outside my local area who needed and wanted this information. I decided to research and find a way to help many people at a time and that is how Fitness Mattrz came to be.

How many fitness/health experts are on staff?

There are four wellness coaches: Spiritual health and wellness, lifestyle, nutrition and empowerment. And four trainers: Strength training, pilates, pre/post-natal, sculpting and toning, and a fourth yoga instructor will be added soon.

Why do you believe at-home gym set ups are better than having a gym membership?

Working out at home is simply more convenient and less expensive. You can purchase the equipment you want or need and know exactly who will be using it. That’s important because gyms are extremely germy. Plus there’s nothing like working out on your time schedule—no waiting in line for a machine of having to rearrange your workout routine because an instructor didn’t show up. And of course, you save money by not having to pay the hefty gym membership fee.

What can members who sign up expect? Is there any accountability available?

Members can expect new strength training routines each time they log on, new videos and healthy articles each month, along with health seminars and feedback from our team of experts regularly.

Accountability is mixed in with the ‘social fitness’ function. Members can friend each other, along with team members to get the support of having a ‘buddy’ there for you when you just don’t feel like it. The Fitness Forum is open for questions and comments that are directed to and answered by our team. Transformation and ‘most active’ user contests are planned in the near future.

How many new videos will be added monthly to the site, and is there a limit to the number of videos a member can view?

At least 12, and the same goes for articles. Members have unlimited access to all content on the site.


If you’re interested in joining Carol’s Fitness Mattrz site, memberships cost $9.97 per month, or $99 annually, which is an incredibly affordable rate for all that the program offers. And as an introductory special, Carol is offering two months free on either membership. Snatch this deal up before it passes you by, and start getting fit at home, today.

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