Flexitrinol Joint Supplement: Comprehensive Review

The joint pain reduction supplement Flexitrinol is used to target inflammation, joint strength, mobility, and overall discomfort relief. The formula is a blend of many natural ingredients which is heavily supported by antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

The thing we liked most about this brand is that there’s actually research which supports the use of each ingredient. The bad is that the company has a problem with their stock, we don’t know if it’s because of popularity or due to it being a smaller company, but they often run out. All the information we gathered about Flexitrinol explains what this can truly offer for joint health.

The Basics: Good and Bad

  • Good

All the ingredients are backed by studies you can read about online, many of which are unbiased and truly scientific. Highlights of the formula include the fact there is:

  • No stimulants
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No colors
  • No sugar
  • No fillers or binders

To be fair this is fairly common for joint health supplements, but fortunately Flexitrinol keeps this tradition alive.

We especially liked the fact that every ingredient makes sense and it can actually help with joint health in some way. It may even have additional benefits outside of joint health since it has strong anti-inflammatories which can improve overall health. These antioxidants can strengthen the immune system, improve brain health, support mood, and improve overall life expectancy.

The price is also fair for what you’re getting. Additional discounts are also offered if you buy more in advance, and they don’t have any auto-renewal plan. The company makes it clear that you only pay for that which you ordered.

The website also relies on real science and an easy to understand explanation instead of making hard to pin down claims. They make it easy to see who can use this and why it’s possible useful.

For additional support they offer a handful of testimonials from satisfied customers. This includes people who are suffering from arthritis, injuries, or from pain caused by working out.


We have to be somewhat picky to try to find something we didn’t like about the brand and company. The only major fault we could find is that the stock is sometimes out. It’s not very accessible since you can’t get it in any retail stores. There’s no telling if it will ever be sold anywhere else but their official website.

Other than the stock running out and having limited buying options, there wasn’t anything in particular we could pick out which was unfavorable.


This ranked quite high with consumers, and we couldn’t find any negative reviews. Often it was the case that people saw improvements in their pain and discomfort. Flexitrinol wasn’t only used by people who already had chronic pain either; it was also taken by those who wanted to recover from exercise.

There were many positive experiences shared from people who saw an immediate improvement that got even better the more they took it.

No side effects of any kind were mentioned either.

We examined both the reviews left on the official website, as well as the reviews offered on different websites. Relief was even seen in people who were combating injuries as well, showing that it can have a major impact on inflammation.

The Ingredients

  • MSM is what’s known as a kind of organic sulfur. This targets the immune system as well as inflammation. Because it is a form of sulfur it’s actually very easily used by the body, making it a useful ingredient.


The human body has to have sulfur in some form in order for general health to be regulated.


MSM is consistently a very common ingredient since it can affect inflammation directly, helping to restore muscle tissue and reducing general joint discomfort.


  • Fish Oil has a great blend of fatty acids which directly target joint health. They can not only reduce inflammation, but provide lubrication to joints. The effects extend beyond joint health as it can also support overall health, helping the brain through mood and mental processing of information.


It’s the omega-3 fatty acids in this which are especially important in the American diet, since too much omega-6 and omega-9 is known to have a major negative impact on inflammation. Flexitrinol has a high 31.67 mg of omega-3 per serving, which can provide relief.


  • Flaxseed Oil is an easy to digest and fatty acid rich seed extract. The omega fatty acids in it are great for reducing inflammation, and it’s even sometimes used to help those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It’s often the case that flaxseed is easy to digest and easily used by the body.


  • Evening Primrose Oil is taken directly from a bright yellow flower which is rich in fatty acids. This is used as a general treatment in the treatment of eczema and arthritis. Because the fatty acids can affect energy it’s also used to prevent fatigue. The flaxseed and fish oil all have omega fatty acids that when mixed together can help maximize inflammation reduction and overall health.


  • Chondroitin Sulfate is already found in the human body since it’s already within cartilage that surrounds the joints. The effects on arthritis and inflammation reduction are often studied, which is why it’s commonly used to reduce the natural breakdown of healthy tissue. This is typically mixed with Glucosamine for an improved effect on joint health.


  • Glucosamine HCI is actually the same fluid you’d find around joints which provides a cushioning effect, lessening the impact of trauma and force. This will often be used to target arthritis pain reduction and in reducing joint pain. When supplemented it can help provide a nourishing effect which may increase the amount of available fluid.

The Business

They are the Health Research Institute out of California. What we found most notable about them is their simple instructions and explanation on how Flexitrinol functions.

Returns: Returns are offered for up to 30 days with no questions asked. All you have to do is contact them in order to get an RMA number, which is fairly standard procedure. All returns are offered as long as only a single bottle is used and opened, and this is to prevent people from unnecessarily wasting product.

We couldn’t find any customers who had to make a return but since there was nothing negative found about their practices, it seems likely that they are trustworthy.

Concerns: We mentioned it before but since it’s the only thing we don’t like about the company, it’s worth mentioning their stock problem. It’s not that you likely won’t be able to get it, but the fact that it has been known to run out and that you can only get it from a single source makes it hard to come by. Fortunately when we reviewed this supplement it was available for purchase.

If you do manage to purchase it knows that you can only do so by paying for it online. We don’t know if any chains or supplement carrying brick and mortar businesses will ever carry it.

What do we know about them?:  They have a good rapport with customers. We also couldn’t find any issues related to FDA, FTC, or Better Business Bureau related problems. They’ve never had a recall, nor do they have auto-billing practices.  They do offer a discounted rate if you buy more all at once however.

They make it perfectly clear and easy to understand as to how they function, and what their supplements can do.

Sometimes websites will appear like they copy and pasted information but the website for Flexitrinol makes it easy to see that care went into describing the possible effects. The science and the amount added to the formula indicate that they know what they’re talking about.

All their contact details are provided including their email, phone number, address, and hours of operation.


The best thing about Flexitrinol is that all the claims made on their website make sense. The ingredients do have the potential to reduce inflammation, support mobility, reduce discomfort, and aid overall joint health. This would be a great supplement for people of all ages and for those suffering from pain, or even those who want to reduce wear and tear.

If we really have to be picky about what negatives exist, all we’d have to offer is that it’s not always in stock, and your options are limited to online purchases. Other than that it’s a great supplement that does what it says. Customers liked it too, which is why people mention they take it on a daily basis to help nourish their joints.

The price is about the same as you’d expect in a joint supplement, but the key difference is that the quality is outstanding. You really get an understanding for what it can offer by reading the science behind each ingredient. When all this is blended together it can deliver an even greater impact on joint health.




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