Genetic Roulette: How the Food Industry’s GMO Love Affair is Endangering Us All

The market is saturated with food documentaries. A new one is about to surface, yet this one doesn’t seem to be filled with the same information told in a new way. This one rarely mentions obesity, doesn’t really get into what vegetables you should be eating, and I don’t think there’s much mention of fast food. This one is different. It’s bringing to light an important issue that has been hidden in the dark for too long. Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of Our Lives will be released soon and so will many frightening yet true facts about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

GMOs have become a hot button issue in the food, health, and related industries. Grassroot efforts are rising up as Non-GMO advocates try to get ears to hear the hard truths about the food we’re being fed and the food we’re feeding to our kids. This film may be the voice advocates need. There are many details that compelled me to listen closer and research more about this topic. One of the harshest truths was revealed early on in the film – we are all likely eating food that causes insects’ stomachs to explode. Stomachs explode, yes, you read that right.


One of the many contributors to Genetic Roulette explained how much of the corn in the US is grown now. The huge bio-tech company Monsanto has infiltrated our food supply with a corn that is modified to generate its own pesticide. Simply put, if an insect eats any of the corn plant in the field, their stomach will explode and they will die. This food is then harvested and humans eat it, while Monsanto says it’s safe.

It makes the guts of insects blow up, yet it’s harmless to a human digestive system? We aren’t buying it.

These are the sentiments of a company that is responsible for the creation of Agent Orange and DDT. One is a chemical used in biological warfare that has left children with cleft palates, mental disabilities, hernias, and even extra fingers and toes. And DDT is an insecticide that was banned after wildlife and birds began dying. Now, years later, scientists are seeing links to diabetes and cancer from DDT.

Monsanto has had a horrid track record with long-term safety and the price has been paid in human health. Will you continue to pay that tax with your health or that of your children?

Currently, consumers don’t know if their food is GMO-Free, the law does not require labels. If you buy organic produce and products from socially conscious companies who choose to label, you can avoid these stomach-exploding, life-threatening foods.

See the film, get angry, and help the non-GMO voice be heard.

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