Guest Blog: Creative Food Ideas Keeps Things Fresh

Hi All! Being a guest blogger, I feel as though I have to introduce myself. My name is Roni and I normally blog over at my place, My claim to fame, if you will, is losing 70lbs on Weight Watchers, which I’ve kept off for 2 years now.

WeightWatchen.comOne of the things that helped (and helps) me become successful on this weight loss attempt (believe me, there were MANY attempts) was my willingness to try new foods. I think most of us now know that a successful weight loss plan needs to be something that we practice long-term. Dare I say a lifestyle with all the advertising that’s going on. Anyway, if the plan we choose has only specific meals or foods we can eat that may put us in a position of getting bored, returning to old eating habits and going off plan. Which may lead to disastrous results, like gaining even more weight (yes I’ve done that too).

So what’s the answer?

Well, it may lie in your refrigerator.

Shortly after I joined Weight Watchers, I hit my kitchen. Soon, I realized with just a little creativity and some practice (ok, ok A LOT of practice) I can make good healthy foods at home. Something I think that is very necessary for long-term weight loss success.

I’m not sure I would be where I am now (weight-wise, that is) if I didn’t get creative and keep things fresh in the kitchen. Now I know that not everyone has the ‘cooking gene’ but there are many resources out there to help give you ideas, hold your hand and even inspire you.

A few months ago I started GreenLiteBites where I share my kitchen adventures on cooking and eating light. I post about new foods I’ve tried, share my recipes, and even post tips.

Don’t worry, if an amateur blog isn’t your style, a lot of places are focusing on healthy, light recipes, like, Healthy Cooking at and even the Food Network.

So I say, give it a try! Hit your kitchen and see what you can come up with, you may surprise yourself!
Thank you, Roni, for sharing your kitchen and weight loss insights with DietsInReview!

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My Life Now says:

Hi Roni!

I’m one of the bloggers on your website. I love reading your blogs, and your journey (as well as many others on your site) inspire me to keep trying. By consistently trying, I know one day I will be successful. It is wonderful how you share your story, your tips and recipe ideas, basically your life. I have learned so much from you. Keep doing what you do! And thank you!

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