Guy Fieri’s Macrobiotic Childhood Created a Food Rebel

Guy Fieri was like most kids growing up – loved his parents and hated their cooking. “My parents were into macrobiotic cooking – vegetarian, nondairy, whole grains, no red meat,” the Food Network star told People in a recent interview.guy fieri

While most kids rebel by skipping curfew or drinking, Fieri acted out by cooking. “I started cooking when I was 10 because I just couldn’t eat that stuff,” he says. His rebellion even includes a tattoo that reads “Kulinary Gangsta.”

He has an infectious passion for food, that he shares on many Food Network shows, as well as with his family of four. Fieri is married to wife Lori, and they have two sons, Hunter and Ryder. He gets the entire family involved when he’s in the kitchen (which due to shooting schedules is only about one-third the year). His kids help prepare recipes like deep-fried s’mores, four-bean salad, barbecue, pizza, sushi or Hunter’s spaghetti and meatballs.

He admits the food isn’t as wholly nutritious as the natural diet he grew up on, but argues food is “so much more than nutrients. We all have an emotional connection to food. Why not use that to connect to our children?”

(via People Magazine)

5 Responses to Guy Fieri’s Macrobiotic Childhood Created a Food Rebel

Dora says:

Oops. Am wondering how Fieri, wife Lori, and sons, Hunter and Ryder make a family of five?

Brandi says:

Good eyes Dora! Their tidy family of four has been corrected.

Ann says:

His ego would make 5.

Alan says:

Not sure that tidy would be a word I would use with Guy. Good for him though, I guess

nancy says:

But how about that recipe for Hunter’s meatballs… is that one of those secret family recipe

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