Help Boston: 6 Ways You Can Give Money, Time, and Support Today

The tragedy that struck Boston yesterday is just one more attack on the people, land, and values we all hold so very dear. And yet this one, at the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon, disrupted something so pure and so joyful that it feels like more of an attack on our hearts. It seems we as Americans are becoming all too familiar with the pain of these attacks, and yet the most promising part that we see time and again is the outpouring of love and support for our neighbors, our friends, our fellow citizens.

We never see humanity more at its best than when it’s at its very worst.

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We know everyone wants to help and do something; it’s a natural reaction. It helps us grieve and feel of use, but more importantly, it helps those most directly impacted by the bombings that have claimed three lives and injured more than 115. Here’s how you can do something to help and support.

Wear Your Race Tees!

It’s a small and simple gesture that is uniting the running community at large today. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are full of people proudly donning their souvenir T-shirts from 5Ks to marathons they’ve completed in the past.

Donate to the Red Cross

You can donate funds to the Red Cross. Just before 6pm ET on April 15, the day of the bombing, the Red Cross announced their blood needs have been met; however, there is always a need somewhere as they explain in this press release. Follow @RedCross on Twitter for more current updates on specific needs this global organization may have.

Donate to

Shortly after the bombings in Boston, @Hope made a most generous announcement.

According to their website,, you can donate to their operations by emailing CEO Shaun King at [email protected] or call/text him directly at 678.641.5016.

Open Your Home

If you live in Boston or the surrounding area and have space for one or many individuals to stay (as many racers, family, volunteers, and others connected with the marathon were put out of their hotels and homes), this Google Form has been created to connect you with those in need.

See Something, Say Something

If you have any information related to yesterday’s bombings in Boston, you are urged to come forward with information, photos, videos, or anything else that may help the investigation. Resources to do so include:

  • Boston Police Department’s tip line: 1-800-494-TIPS
  • [email protected]
  • 1(800) CALL-FBI
  • BPD’s Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS

Run One More Mile

Nearly 10,000 runners never crossed the finish line, an achievement many had likely spent a year preparing for. Whether you walk, run, or bike, we encourage you to run just one more mile today in their honor.

At the end of the day, keep Boston in your thoughts, prayers, meditations, or how ever else you put goodness, hope, and positivity out in to the world. This week, as we come upon the anniversaries of Waco, Oklahoma City, and Columbine, remember that each time our world has had its eyes opened by evil, the kindness has always been greater.

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