Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza Takes Grotesque Restaurant Food Too Far

Restaurant industry, we have had enough! Are you deliberately trying to gross us out? Do you get a kick out of making grotesque concoctions in your test kitchens and then send them out to mass market as a punch line?

This Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut is about the nastiest thing we’ve seen come from a restaurant in quite a while. While we’re glad it’s not available in the U.S. (at least for now, just give it time), we feel for the residents of the United Kingdom being subjected to this culinary nonsense.

Jillian Michaels coined the term best when she started describing this over-processed junk “Frankenfoods,” meaning they resemble food but calling it that would be a disservice to all of the things that are actually food.

Dressed like any other pizza with cheese, pepperoni, peppers, and onions, the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza has the slimy little sausage tucked inside the crust and comes with a free mustard drizzle. The chest pains for dessert and gastric bloat are also free.

In the UK, a large supreme stuffed crust pizza has 279 calories per slice, with almost 13 grams of fat per slice. A single, standard hot dog has 137 calories per sausage. There’s no telling how many inches of ‘dog they’re able to stuff inside that crust. Just recognize that you’d be pushing your intake for a single slice of pizza close to your total calorie budget for the meal.

While we’d nix the mayo, this Japanese Pizza Hut menu offering, the Winter Double King Pizza, comes loaded with crab, broccoli, shrimp, beef, corn, onion, and potato, sounds a little healthier than the mystery-meat sausage tucked inside the crust to make a “pig in a pizza.”

This pizza lab creation was first made popular in Korea and apparently performed well enough to take it to the outskirts of Europe. While Pizza Hut says it doesn’t have plans to deliver this pie to the U.S., we wouldn’t shocked in the least if it showed up on our shores.

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