How Fitbloggin’ Founder Roni Noone Lost 70 Pounds and Became a Tough Mudder Addict

Roni Noone is one of our favorite healthy bloggers and for good reason. More than eight years ago she lost 70 pounds and still boasts a lean, strong body today despite two kids, plenty of diet blunders and a hectic schedule. The best part about it? She’s just an everyday mom being real, trying to stay healthy and inspiring others to do the same. If you’ve never met Roni, prepare to be inspired.

Roni’s weight struggles began around age 12 when she saw a photograph of herself and didn’t like what she saw. “That’s when I started obsessing over becoming thinner – skipping lunch and trying not to eat much at home,” she said. “I starting the yo-yo cycle of deprivation and binging, and I did that throughout high school.”Roni-Noone-Before-and-After

Though it helped her maintain a “healthy weight” through her teens, the cycle of binging and starving did her more harm later on in college. By the time she graduated she weighed 210 pounds, and the struggle didn’t stop there.

After college when the low carb craze was all the rage, Roni hopped on the band wagon and cut out nearly all carbs from her diet. Though it helped her lose weight initially, she inevitably gained it all back. To make matters worse, she and her husband were hoping to start a family soon, so reaching a healthy weight became critical.

To make a change, Roni joined a leading commercial weight loss plan. Having heard good things about the program, Roni was confident of her success and even lost a few pounds right away. But after becoming pregnant two weeks later, she was forced to put weight loss on the back burner.

Though she gained more than 70 pounds throughout her pregnancy, Roni promised herself once the baby came she’d stop her gain-lose cycle once and for all. “When my baby was two weeks old I went back to [the diet] and I never looked back.”

Roni took her diet seriously and treated her half-hour weekly meeting as something she was doing for herself. As a result she lost 70 pounds in 7 months. Though the majority of her weight loss took place in 2005, Roni has since maintained her weight despite having graduated from the diet nearly a decade ago.

To document her progress, Roni started several blogs, two of which strongly focus on healthy living. recounts everyday life events and fitness efforts, and Green Lite Bites focuses on sharing healthy, easy recipes for the everyday family. The diet philosophy she shares with her readers is to eat clean and focus on real foods and less processed items. “My husband is a junk food junkie and I have two kids, so it’s part of my life,” she said. “In a way I don’t mind it, but I also feel like one of the services I do is show people it’s possible to maintain your weight loss in the real world.”


Though Roni lost the weight primarily through diet, she fell in love with exercise in the process. First it was walking, then running, then the gym. Eventually she completed several 5 and 10K races before graduating to the Baltimore Marathon in 2024.

While running is still a big part of her life, Roni’s latest obsession is Tough Mudders – a down-and-dirty half marathon littered with gruesome obstacles. It’s the stuff of warriors, and Roni loves it. In fact, she’s already completed several and has another six on the horizon this year. Roni says doing these events helps keep her motivated and inspired in her fitness efforts.

Fitbloggin’ Is Born

Another big part of Roni’s transformation has been the community she’s found through blogging. After attending a Blog Her conference in 2024, Roni felt the desire to create a conference of her own for bloggers who wanted to use their sites to spread a message of health to their readers. Not long after, Fitbloggin’ was born.

Now in its fourth year, Roni is as excited as ever about this year’s Fitbloggin’ conference in Portland. “I always leave with a sense of awe that there are so many awesome people in the world,” she said. “Though I’m completely distracted by the logistics of making the conference happen, I always walk away completely inspired.”


We praise Roni not only for her weight loss success, but also for her continued efforts to inspire everyday people – and bloggers – toward better health. Be sure to follow Roni’s tasty recipe creations and her fitness and life adventures on both of her blogs. We know you’ll learn a lot and have a ball following along.

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