How to Cook with Arugula

Arugula is most commonly known as a salad green. But had you ever cooked with it? If not then get ready, because digging into this nutrient-rich green and showing you all the versatile ways it can be used so it can become a healthy staple in your kitchen in no time.

What is it? When I think arugula, I think leafy green with a peppery taste. And that’s true. But more accurately, it’s a cruciferous veggie that’s been dubbed a superior salad green. Arugula is in the same family as broccoli, brussels sprouts and kale. And compared to iceberg lettuce, arugula – also known as rocket or rucola –  has 70% more calcium, 50% more magnesium, 60% more beta-carotene, and 60% more Vitamin A. Now that’s one seriously nutrient-packed green.

Health benefits: Arugula is an excellent source of folate, a B Vitamin that supports the health of red blood cells and helps with energy production. A 2-cup serving contains plenty of Vitamin K and Vitamin A, and is a plant-based source of iron, making it an incredibly healthy nutrient option for vegans.

Nutritional statistics: 1 cup of arugula has approximately 5 calories, .1 grams of fat, 5 mg of sodium, .7 grams of carbohydrates, .3 grams of dietary fiber, .4 grams of sugar, .5 grams of protein, 32 mg of calcium, and 73.8 mg of potassium.

Ready to get cooking? These healthy recipes demonstrate the various ways you can utilize arugula as a healthy ingredient. Try them all out to see which ones are you and your family’s favorites.


Pasta Salad with Chickpeas and Arugula

Bleu Cheese and Pear Salad

Shrimp with Arugula Couscous 

Arugula and Ricotta Scones

Strawberry Arugula Salad with Ricotta Topping

Consider yourself educated on all-things arugula. Now get out there, get your hands on this delicious leafy green, and get cooking!

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