Indiana is IN Shape!

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels wants Hoosiers to take the initiative to eat healthier, stop smoking, and get more active. INShape Indiana is the result of this initiative, linking Hoosiers to the resources and challenges available throughout the state that encourage healthier choices. Because I believe physical health and mental health are intrinsically tied together, I have chosen to partner with INShape Indiana. Technically this partnership means that I give a discount to INShape members, but I have become quite the INShape cheerleader.indiana inshape

A few weeks ago, while unsuspecting students were eating, chatting, and studying at the IUPUI Campus Center food court, INShape members were plotting a surprise to remind them that there is always time to fit physical activity into your day.

Be on the lookout for more INShape Exercise Mobs to remind you not to fall into the temptation of stagnation. Spring is coming; use the breaks in your day to get outside and get moving. What are your favorite ways to fit activity into your routine?

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