J Lo’s Post-Pregnancy Diet Secret

A new diet, based on the book, The Dukan Diet, by Dr. Pierre Dukan, is said to be the secret behind J Lo’s post pregnancy weight loss. Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Szohr, the star of TV teen drama Gossip Girl, also credit the Dukan Diet for dramatic weight loss.

The Dukan Diet is said to be the “real” secret behind why French women don’t get fat, with an estimated 1.5 French households participating with a great deal of success.

The Dukan Diet has four stages. Phase one, the Attack Stage, is a high-protein, no-carb approach. There is a list of 72 protein-rich foods to choose from during this week of dieting. This phase lasts from 2-10 days.

Phase two, also known as The Cruising Stage, allows you to intersperse the high-protein diet with a vegetarian diet on alternate days. In addition to the 72 protein-rich foods, you may add any of 28 low-carb vegetables. You will remain in this stage until you have lost all of the weight that you desire.

If you’ve stuck with it this long, you can add carbs back in during stage three, the Consolidation Stage. Carbs are added back in small amounts to avoid weight gain. You are allowed two celebration meals per week and can include such foods as bread, chocolate, and alcohol.  The goal of this phase is to help you learn to eat moderately for the rest of your life.

Once you have reached your goal weight, you begin (and remain in) the Stabilization Stage. This final phase is a bit different from most diets in that you can eat what you want every day except one day per week (most often Thursday), when you revert to the Attack Stage and eat only high-protein, and no carbs. Dr. Dukan believes that by taking off the weight this way and remaining true to the Stabilization Stage, you can remain at your goal weight for life.

This diet is reminiscent of the Atkins Diet, minus the emphasis on fats and oils found in Atkins. The Dukan Diet is also considered stricter than Atkins.

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