Jersey Shore’s JWOWW Shares her Bikini Body Workout Secrets

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get in bikini shape now. No one knows that better than the cast of the Jersey Shore, who spend their summers on national TV in skimpy outfits.

While Snooki is making room for her expanding baby bump, Jenny “JWOWW” Farley has been sporting a more fit and toned body recently, which she credits to spending quality time in the gym with her juice head gorilla boyfriend, Roger. Wanna know how she does it? Here is her beach body workout she swears by, with just 3 exercises for every body part.

For flat abs that rival The Situation‘s, try:

1. The Bicycle Crunch
2. The Vertical Leg Crunch
3. The Exercise-ball Crunch

Firm up your arms with these three tricep exercises:

1. Triceps kickback
2. One-arm Triceps Push-ups
3. Skull Crushers

Rock your short shorts on the boardwalk with these three lower body exercises:

1. Squats with Chair
2. Standing Calf Raises
3. Inner Thigh Squeezes

Lift your glutes with:

1. Hip Extensions on all fours
2. Lunges
3. Step-Ups

Known for her ample chest, you can’t have a JWOWW workout without chest exercises:

1. Chest Flies with Dumbells
2. Modified Push-ups
3. Chest Presses with Resistance Bands

These exercises are relatively simple and basic, and prove that not only don’t you need a lot of equipment, but you don’t need to be able to even do full push ups to get your self into bikini shape. Stick with it, keep consistent and you’ll be wearing your bathing suit with confidence in no time.

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