Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper discuss Biggest Loser

Last week I had the opportunity to join a media call with Jillian Michaels and BobJillian Michaels and Bob Harper Harper. For Biggest Loser fans- no explanation is needed. For those of you have yet to jump on the incredible Biggest Loser bandwagon- these are the brilliant trainers who inspire and motivate not only the contestants, but people literally across the world. Also on the call was Mark Koops, Executive Producer of the show.

It was a really casual conversation that gave much more insight into how the show works behind the scenes and into Jillian’s and Bob’s opinions and experiences with the show. The hot topic discussed was the “America Votes” twist that will be discussed on the show tonight. The end of last week’s episode from Australia revealed that this time, America will have the chance to vote for the two people below the yellow line to determine who goes to the finale (Live, April 15). While Jillian and Bob were not completely on board with the idea, arguing that it’s up to the contestants because they live with each other and know each other and so much of their success rests in game play. Mark Koops argued on the side of us, the fans. Mark and both trainers agreed that everyone remaining- Ali, Mark, Kelly and Roger, deserve a place at the finale.

“What better way than to, let the fans just follow the, incredible personal tales of transformation through 15 weeks – you know, have a say in that, have a voice in that process,” explained Mark Koops, “Which journey has inspired [the viewer] the most?”

They knew before the season began that they would open the final vote. They wanted avid fans, especially those who’ve followed all five seasons, to be a part of the program. He felt that fans deserved the opportunity to have a voice. Be sure to watch Biggest Loser
tonight to learn more about making your vote count.

Jillian MichaelsIn what became more Q and A with Bob and Jillian, where the banter is quite similar to that of best friends or siblings, they each shared their opinion of the other as a trainer. Jillian on Bob – “He’s a great trainer. I mean, he’s – I think that he’s a lot tougher than a lot of people would imagine him to be.” Bob on Jillian – I think Jillian is probably one of the best trainers in not only the country, but the world. And I’ve seen them all. And she actually has made me become a better trainer.”

Bob and Jillian were asked if they watch much TV. A point of hilarious contention for the two as Bob watches American Idol, Lost and a variety of other shows that Jillian doesn’t look to favorably on. “Idol is the worst show on TV! It’s just bad karaoke,” was her response to Bob. I did ask her if she watches Biggest Loser and she said she does. She wants to be sure that it is edited fairly and see what we’re seeing. Jillian added that this season has been the most accurate so far.

Bob and Jillian talked about the early days of Biggest Loser. Bob shared his certainty that early on he knew it would be a success and was glad to be on board. Jillian says she hated the name and worried that the show wouldn’t work.Bob Harper

Thankfully for fans like us, and the contestants, she was proved wrong.

Don’t miss tonight’s final episode before next week’s live finale. Tomorrow you can catch the DietsInReview.com recap and Thursday you’ll find interviews with the two contestants who fall below the yellow line.

Friday we’ll share more of the call with Bob and Jillian- opinions about the somewhat awkward product placements and Jillian’s reaction to how she was recently portrayed during a weigh-in argument with Allison.

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Michele Dochat says:

I have to say I am dying to hear what Jillian has to say about that “argument” she appeared to have with the BL host Allison. If it really went down like that then I think Jillian was right on the money. I think that there are times that Allison can get under the skin of some of the contestants with her somewhat confrontational questions. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be on the BL ranch, and to almost feel picked on by the host has got to be difficult. Hats off to Jillian for speaking up on Brittany’s behalf!

Jay & Iris Weitz says:

want to vote for Roger to stay in the finale can’t find web to vote!

Rosemary Kurasz says:

would like to know if you could help a disabled person lose weight?

Debbie says:

Jillian said she was actually having a conversation with the producers and not Alison. She said the producers were feeding Alison questions trying to upset Brittany about not losing much weight and having Bernie save her the week prior.

Lynnae says:

Julian I think your a great trainer.. your tough and say it like it is but yet you still have a girls heart.. Your starting to show your emotions more now than a few years ago.. you keep a good thing going with your girls and help keep them on track.. Id love to hear from you one day.. Make my day!Also at the final show. when you see brit. give her a big hug…….. dont ever lose the bond of a good fried.. A friend is forever!!!!!!!

i think that bob and Jillian that will can help me to get 3 airplane tickets for Sydney for get to there before the final here in Australia that I am a fan of the Biggest loser bob is a good trainer and Jillian thank you for your time

Teachia Fields says:

I have been trying to contact someone with the biggest loser program for about a year. I watch the show every chance I get but I work alot.
I struggle with weight issue for half of my adult life and High blood pressure, and I am 37years old and I would like to live a Health life.
I like to know what to do or who to contact for a chance at a life changing
experience. thank you very much.

bob or jillian says:

I have been diebetic since I was 8, never weighed over 135. I was 160 when I gave birth to my children Last Oct I lost my left leg above the knee and have not been stopped gaining weight. Could you plse tell what exercises I could do that would help me lose weight? I can stand on one leg but not hop. I can also use my arms. Can use tell me some excercises I can do as well as a diet?

Kinsey says:

Best thing I can suggest diet wise would be to evaluate exactly what you are eating now and try to make small changes. If you find yourself eating a lot of fat, then cut back on the amount of fat you take in. It is really difficult to say here is a diet…follow it. You need to do things that are realistic for you to change and follow. The best general statement I can say is to try to follow a vegetarian type of diet. Not the potato chip eater vegetarian, but the vegetarian that eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try keeping a food journal and write down exactly what you put into your mouth for a few days. After three days have passed look at what you ate and see what changes you can make (i.e. more veggies at lunch or eat whole-wheat bread instead of white). Being diabetic it is very important that you balance out the carbohydrates that you eat by eating a protein source with it. If you eat bread make sure you eat peanut butter or a slice of meat with it. You can always research a diabetic diet online…try looking at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/diabetes-diet/DA00027 it is a good break down of information and the Mayo Clinic is a very credible source. All this diet stuff can be very overwhelming, but stay dedicated and determined to understand it and implement it! Good luck!!


Bouchenafer Slimane says:

Hi, i’m young man from Algeria aged of 33 years old
i have 73 kilos , means that i’m not fat but i am the Biggest loser’s fan and i’m very proud of Borther BOB Haper , and my funny sister JULIAN Micheals Good luck brothers
[email protected] / BOUCHENAFER Slimane

Carmen says:

I am so disappointed at the POOR sportsmanship of especially Vicky, then her husband and finally Heba. I love watching this show and it’s always been inspiring but I can’t believe this years trash on the show. These 3 individuals shouldn’t be allowed to continue to be part of this show because America does NOT want to watch them. Especially VICKY! She’s an ugly person.

Stella says:


Vicky kind of sucks at the true conception of the game, Michelle is a winner from the start. I appologize in the exposure of breasr tissue.
I hope Jillian and heeer contestant win.

Ang says:

I have a question for Bob & Jillian.

One of the greatest things I notice about contestants on the biggest loser is they dont seem to have loose skin. Their arms look amazing! Yet many average people who lose alot of weight do. Do you have an inside tip you can share that helps fight having that loose skin?

lisa says:

I think that the biggest loser has inspired me to the fullest. It takes alot of heart to do what Bob and Jillian do there awesome.

Sibongile says:

I am very inspired by the show and seeing the difference it makes to people’s lives. I have lost a lot weight, my desperate wish is gain some. To give you a background of what has caused this, it is the medicine that I am on. I have a chronic disease. My question to you is, what excercises must I do to gain muscles so as to counteract the skinny body that I have developed


Vicki says:

Hi guys, I love the biggest loser the show always brings tears to my eyes. I want to be on the show so bad because they are real people with weight issues like myself. Even working out with the tapes is great, because they are not some already skinny people telling us you can do it. My problem is food, work, family and the gym fitting all in without falling off track. The ranch help keep you more focus plus it has the best trainers ever. I’m getting older but I still want to be healthy and have the best body ever. Can you give me some advice to keep me focus and motivated.

Bea says:

I can not be more inspisred to work hard on my body when I see Jillian evey time 😉 I’m kinda thin/normal but I just want muscles so I wont stop training until I look like Jillian 🙂
Btw I’m boxing most of the time.

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