Luxury Cadillac Escalade Features Built-in Workout Chair

The idea of working out while driving is pretty ridiculous, but you have to hand it to the folks at Becker Automotive Designs in Oxnard, California, for engineering a Cadillac that allows you to do just that.

The company – which has been serving the luxury automotive market in Los Angeles, for more than 25 years – is best known for their expertise in installing high quality music systems, security systems, and telecommunications in high-end cars like the Cadillac and Mercedes Benz.

Becker has previously created such one-of-a-kind luxury vehicles as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter JetVan, which houses fully reclining sleeper seats, a 40-inch high definition LCD flatscreen TV, a surround-sound system, an on-board computer with wireless internet, and more. And one of their other popular models has been the Becker/STRUT Escalade ESV which comes with an onboard computer system, full printer and scanner system, mobile office, diamond-mesh front grill, floor-to-ceiling leather interiors, and an Apple iPod ready audio-video system.

But their their latest project was suited more for the customer with an active lifestyle. Becker developed a Cadillac Escalade ESV that allows a backseat passenger to work up a sweat while on their way to work, to and from a lunch date, or just out for a leisurely drive.

The roomy backseat cabin has a full leather interior with two chairs – one, a fully-reclining seat for a ‘business’ passenger, including all the necessary hook ups: Cell phone, computer, pivoting desktop table. And the other is a full-on workout chair with built-in hand grips to aid in the workout and monitor calories; pedals with straps to keep the passenger’s feet secure; a digital screen that features all of the workout stats; and all this while keeping safety in mind, as a seat belt is also included.

I’m not usually one for over-the-top cars, but being the fitness enthusiast that I am, this sounds pretty sweet! I could literally get in my morning calorie burn while my husband drives me to the grocery store. But the price tag? Probably far out of my range – probably better not to know.

Either way, this takes burning calories while driving to a whole new level!

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