Meet the Future of Meat…

Is the idea of meat grown in giant tanks known as “bioreactors” a good thing for mankind? On the surface, you would think “NO!” Don’t mess with Mother Nature, right? But wait just one minute all you do-gooders… there may just be a little method to this madness.

The Norwegians are at it again… this time they are trying to save the planet from the environmental perils that come with raising farm animals for human consumption. There’s the methane that cattle emit. Not to mention all the carbon-producing resources that go into raising them.

Scientists are working on various procedures to cultivate meat in a lab, and while filet mignon is not considered a near-term possibility, hamburger sure is. The main benefits of such eye-raising scientific inquiry is that if you’re cultivating meat in the lab, you cut out all the environmentally-damaging procedures to get that juicy burger on your plate.

I, for one, still have reservations about eating meat grown in laboratories, but who knows… it may be the only choice for carnivores someday. Here’s more on the fascinating research.

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Leslie says:

i’d eat it.

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