My Jamie Oliver Healthy Milkshake Experiment

While I was typing up my review of the season premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, my brother requested a milk shake as a snack, so of course I tested out what we had just seen Jamie demonstrate, trying to convince the fast food owner to serve healthier options. Jamie and the restauranteur faced off on whether a milkshake requires ice cream to really be a milkshake. Jamie made a version with yogurt that passed the taste-test of a child, but the restaurant owner was not convinced that it could qualify as a milkshake without ice cream.

For my milkshake, I grabbed two bananas out of the freezer, added pourable vanilla yogurt from local Trader’s Point Creamery, organic milk, and blended it well. I’m not a fan of yogurt, but it even passed my taste test.

I offered to add cinnamon or natural peanut butter, but he thought that was unnecessary. It was plenty sweet enough, but raw honey could be added if your fruit is not ripe enough. The milk shake could have been thicker, so perhaps we will change the yogurt:milk ratio in the future or put the yogurt in the freezer perhaps. It was a fast, healthy, and crave-worthy snack made of only fruit and healthy dairy products. Unlike the restaurant owner in the season premier of Food Revolution, I think that since the main ingredient is milk, this certainly qualifies as a MILKshake, with no ice cream was needed.

Berries, mango, and pineapple all sound like they would make an excellent Jamie Oliver milkshake. What ingredients would you add to make a healthy milk (not ice cream) shake?

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