Nike’s Newest Running Ad has Us Falling in Love [VIDEO]

Surely you’ve seen it by now. If not, you must watch the 2:30 video put out by Nike and W+K Portland. The short video is a hilarious and romantic running story.

The video is sweeping social media. Runners and non-runners alike are all enjoying the comical video about two lovers running across the country to see each other.

While the couple begin their treks from the opposite sides of the country they begin to sing an adorable and funny song called, “I Would Run To You.” The lovers are played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and skateboarder Theotis Beasley. The video is an ad for the Nike Free Run+ 3 shoes, which our woman wears as she easily heads out for her voyage. Throughout the video the love song gets sillier and sillier as our man can’t handle the pace and becomes ill, even to the point of being scooped up by paramedics. Meanwhile, our Nike Free runner continues effortlessly as she sings and runs with ease.

A sample of the lyrics indicates that our man may need to beef up his training.

M: I think I’m gonna need a medic.
W: You filled the hall with flower petals.
M: Why does my mouth taste like metal?
W: Baby I might die without you.
M: Baby, I might die.

Take heart, the video has a happy ending and a playful message about staying fit. Our lady is clearly fit as she effortlessly sings while running her way across the country to her worn out lover.

Oh, and don’t forget the several shots of those shoes and that swoosh in the final scene. The video is still an add for one of Nike’s hottest new items, the Frees.

Nike Frees were introduced in 2004 after Nike representatives observed track athletes training barefoot. The shoes allow the foot muscles to gain strength by providing less constriction and support. The Frees are one of the most popular shoes to come about in the recent barefoot and minimalist running movement.

Shoes aside, the video is great and entertaining. People may debate Nike’s products, but they’ve never disappointed with their advertising. “I Would Run to You,” is no exception.

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