Obesity in the UK: What Can be Done?

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Almost a quarter of adults in England were classified as obese in 2024, and according to some research, one in three UK adults will be obese by 2024. This equates to thirteen million people, which is an overwhelming figure.

Over 9000 premature deaths each year from obesity were recorded at the beginning of this decade, and that was in England alone. With obesity being associated with numerous diseases (including Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, stroke and even death) something needs to change.

So what can be done? Jamie Oliver is known in the UK for trying to re-create school meals and interest children in healthy food. Education is a key factor in solving the obesity crisis, and teaching children from a young age what constitutes a healthy meal is vital. Encouraging more active lifestyles and more awareness about our bodies through education is important too. There also needs to be more focus on weight management rather than weight loss.

We all know what we should do: eat less and exercise more. However with the temptation of fast food, computer games, TV and the fast-paced modern world, it seems this is becoming increasingly harder for many of us. Even though we know the basics, many of us don’t know what we can specifically change in our own diets and activities that will help us most.

This is where a qualified nutritionist can help. A nutritionist can work with you to create a healthy, balanced eating plan and an exercise regime. They can also deal with more specific issues, such as health concerns, skin, depression, anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other concerns.

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