Pack an Easter Egg Hunt in a Lunch Box for Kids

Kids are no different than adults, and it doesn’t take much for their lunch to become pretty same-ole-same-ole. Another Tuesday, another turkey sandwich. We’ll admit, making 365 lunches every year can be pretty monotonous for the preparer and the eater, so take inspiration where you can.

This week, surprise your little love bunnies with a lunch hidden inside plastic Easter eggs. It’s kind of a fun spin on a Bento-style lunch, and will no doubt make them feel very special when they see what’s inside!

This lunch idea works well to get them excited about the Easter holiday on Sunday, or to make the fun last a little longer in lunches packed following the holiday weekend.

Start by getting about a dozen plastic Easter eggs. We used a smaller size, but any will work. While you certainly don’t have to, filling their lunch pail with Easter grass makes it a lot more festive and obviously makes a safe nest for all of the eggs.

Then, organize the foods you want to put inside each egg. Keep size in mind; for instance a cheese stick won’t fit but chopping it in to bite-sized pieces will. You’re not too limited in what you can put inside; although, chicken soup and applesauce probably aren’t going to work! We made a pretty filling lunch with foods we already had: grapes, strawberries, peas, cheese, grilled chicken, olives, and sweet peppers.

Then, just like the Easter Bunny, start filling your eggs with all the goodies. Inside a single egg you can fit – a whole strawberry, about four grapes, about six green olives, an ounce of cheese, or several bites of grilled chicken.

We even included dessert, because lunch isn’t over until you get something a little sweet, and we thought Annie’s bunnies fruit snacks were the perfect complement. If you’re doing this post-Easter, an egg full of extra jelly beans would be fitting, too!

After we’d made our Easter Egg Hunt Lunch, the ideas continued flowing. Not pictured, but foods that would totally work include Goldfish crackers, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, a scoop of peanut butter with mini pretzels in another egg, bite-sized peanut butter sandwiches, cheese-stuffed tortellini, hummus, black beans, corn. You could even place one of their decorated hard-boiled eggs in amongst the plastic.

Sometimes, even adults have to be reminded that healthy food can be tasty, and even a little bit fun! When we embrace that idea, it’s a lot easier to get the kids on board. Plus, when you put that much care in to their meal, it reminds them that some-bunny loves them very much.

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Photos by Dana Shultz

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