Participate in National Walk to Work Day April 6

Tomorrow is National Walk to Work Day. Do you have your best walking shoes ready? We hope so, because walking has been proven to be one of the best forms of exercise for our physical and mental health.

We love that walking is one of the few workouts we can do that doesn’t require any fancy or expensive equipment. And it provides such great health benefits as overall body tone, weight loss and weight management, and reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. Plus, just about anyone can get out and walk as it’s a low-impact aerobic exercise, which makes it a great activity for everyone at any age.

Just in case you need more motivation to participate tomorrow, here are five benefits that walking provides, as well as five simple ways to start walking more often.

5 Health Benefits of Walking

  • It can boost your mood and provide overall body tone.
  • It burns a considerable amount of calories. A 150-pound woman can burn up to 350 calories in one hour of vigorous walking at a 4 mph pace.
  • It can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of, or manage type 2 diabetes.
  • In an age of constant connection, walking can help us step away to unplug and re-center our thoughts.
  • It can help you stay strong and fit throughout the course of your life.

5 Tips to Start Walking More

  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Take your kids to the park.
  • Walk on your lunch break.
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
  • Take a few laps around the neighborhood after dinner.

Now get out there and walk tomorrow and encourage others to do the same!

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