Pizza Hut Takes Fast Food Too Far With New Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust Pizza

To say Pizza Hut is going a little overboard with their new stuffed-crust trend is a gross understatement. And the gross is implied in more ways than one. 

Still on the wake of rolling out their hot-dog stuffed crust pizza in the U.K., the fast food giant is staying on theme and introducing a entirely new variety of stuffed crust pizza: The Crown Crust, which got its name from its ‘crown-like’ appearance.

This new menu item features the customer’s choice of either mini cheeseburgers or chicken nugget-like ‘gems’ stuffed around the crust. The cheeseburger variety comes with beef, veggies, and Pizza Hut’s special sauce. And the chicken version comes with barbecue sauce and green peppers.

This new pizza is currently only available in the Middle East, and we hope it stays that way. The U.S. doesn’t need another fast food nightmare to fend off. We’re still coming to terms with the hot dog-stuffed pizza and Burger King’s Bacon Sundae – both of which took fast food to new epically disastrous proportions.

In marketing their new product in the Middle East, Pizza Hut posted a catchy promotion on their Facebook page, saying “Can’t decide on a burger or pizza? Believe it or not, you can have both!” The company is reportedly calling this new dish the ‘gem of all pizzas.’ But we kind of think it should be called the heart attack of all pizzas.

But customers are apparently getting what they want as the new stuffed-crust line seems to be doing well so far, and most media outlets are buzzing with excitement over the new menu releases.

The new cheeseburger and chicken pizzas are similar to another pizza already available in the Middle East called the Cheesy Bites Remix. As you might guess from its name, this version is a regular pizza with pockets of cheese studded around the crust that appear to be fried based off the commercial. In the original version, the pockets contained a mix of mozzarella and cream cheeses, but the remix variety offers three times the amount of cheese – adding parmesan to the mix, as well as sesame and mexican seasoning. This may spell more variety to consumers, but to us it spells sodium nightmare.

If you can’t tell already, we likely won’t be sampling Pizza Hut’s new Crown Crust pizza. We’ll just stick to our thin crust veggie for now, for the sake of our waistlines, health and integrity.

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