Relief Factor Joint Supplement: Comprehensive Review

This joint health blend is made for people who are aging, need recovery from exercise, and for anyone needing extra support. They target inflammation reduction that is improved the more you take it.

There are some positives to it from the good blend of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as some weaknesses from the few ingredients and many negative company reviews. It does take around 3 weeks with 3 to 2 packets daily for effects to kick in, and they do warn of potential digestive issues. Read this informative review to get all the essential details on what Relief Factor is all about.

The Basics: Good and Bad

  • Good

Nothing artificial is added to this and there’s other highlights which includes:

  • No drugs (mentioned by the company)
  • Individualized packages
  • Clear dosing instructions
  • Rich fatty acids
  • Clear intended benefits

You’ll know exactly what it takes for the intended results to start, and what kind of regimen is needed for effect. We especially like the fact there’s a high amount of fatty acids. This is a very important ingredient that can have a major impact on how well the body deals with inflammation. Any good joint health supplement should use fatty acids from seafood.

The descriptions for each ingredient are good and they provide a few video testimonials, including a positive review from a former MLB player.


It’s really asking for a lot to expect great results from only 4 ingredients. This is a major reason why it’s just not good enough when compared to other brands. Some highlights of the negative factors include:

  • High cost
  • Side effects are possible
  • Customers often complained about the company policies
  • Questionable auto-shipping membership
  • Only 4 ingredients are used
  • Return policy is only for unopened packages
  • Studies are lacking

Yet another major problem is the high cost. You’re paying $93.95 without shipping and handling built into the cost, which is the total if you don’t sign up for a membership. This membership is controversial since you’d be responsible for calling in and cancelling. We uncovered that the business has had major issues with cancelling subscriptions, which resulted in continuous unwanted changes to customer’s credit cards.

Auto-billing as it’s called is a very controversial way for companies to have their customers on monthly contracts. You do get a discount, but companies are known to abuse this privilege, which is what many users of Relief Factor had to say.


There is no way to find a good source for reviews because the company is the only source which sells this, and there isn’t much discussion of it online. Fortunately there are some reviews on different websites and what customers had to say varied.

Two kinds of people have commented on its effects, those that noticed an improvement and others who said it did nothing at all. What was most common is that people had to take it repeatedly every day, which makes sense since they do admit it can take upwards of 3 weeks for results to begin.

In examining the few reviews found online, it’s hard to get much of an understanding if all positive reviews were from repeat users.

Side effects were sometimes mentioned mostly having to do with nausea, stomach aches, and general stomach cramps. In general the company says that digestive issues may result, but that this should calm down with repeat use. What’s strange about this is that they say that fish oil is the cause, but there are many brands with fish oil which won’t cause side effects if you’re not allergic.

The Ingredients

  • Epimedium is an herb that has what is known as Icariin. This active chemical is most often used as an aphrodisiac which can effect nitric oxide production. When nitric oxide is increased, it helps to stimulate blood low.


This is also used to help reduce the effects that aging has on the brain, as well as depression. The official website claims this is used to help with day to day natural wear and tear, acting as an antioxidant. Even though it is used for this purpose, studies on this aren’t supportive. A study in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology made it clear that this was:


“does not affect… AAPH- DNA damage”


AADH is a chemical that is used to figure out what kind of oxidative or damaging effect drugs can have. What this study essentially showed is that this is not very effective for antioxidant support.


  • Turmeric is an herb used for seasoning dishes, particularly in Indian food. This is also known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects, though this is often not well processed by the body and it may require additional ingredients for it to be absorbed.


The key chemical in turmeric used to reduce inflammation is curcuminoids. Even though this is often used for inflammation reduction, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health makes it clear to see that this is:


“(not) supported by strong studies”


This does not mean that it won’t work or should be avoided, just that the information gathered so far is lacking. We’d have to see stronger studies to determine if it’s actually going to reduce inflammation.


  • Japanese Fleeceflower is a type of plant that is grown all over the world as it’s an invasive species. The likely reason why this is used is because of traditional medicine which claims it can help provide anti-inflammatory effects.


This has resveratrol in it which is intended to help regulate the stress response. Overload of stress is known to have a negative impact on overall health, and in particular joint health.


  • Omega-3 Fatty acids are added which are taken from fish oil. This is known to have a great impact on inflammation and recovery. Fish oils are especially important for people who may not have a varied enough diet, which can result in a deficiency.


EPA and DHA are most often found in seafood, and the human body can it use for many important purposes. This is great for a healthier brain, eyesight, mood, stress response, and in reducing the chances of chronic illness. There’s a lot of valuable research on fish oil which shows just how effective it is at improving overall health.

The Business

The biggest problem is with the quality of business that Relief Factor offers. They have a lot of negative reviews about how they function as a company featured online. There are many negative experiences that were detailed on the Better Business Bureau.

Returns: You can make a return but only if the package sent back is untampered with in any way. You can’t open it or alter the package in any way. Even if you do return it as sent, you still have to pay the shipping and handling fees.

They also ask customers to make sure to send them a 24 hour notice if you unsubscribed to their auto-shipment plan.

Concerns: A lot of people said that the company was untrustworthy. Many consider it an issue that is uncommon or because of a picky customer.

The repeat issue people had was that they were repeatedly charged even though they confirmed to cancel their subscription. Even when people called and were told that they would no longer be charged, customers noticed a charge added to their credit cards without any warning.

Some resorted to calling them a scam, and leaving negative reviews online to complaint about how they were mistreated. Because it appears these issues have not been resolved, people felt cheated out of their money.

What do we know about them?:  There’s a good source of information offered on the official website. You do have to do some searching to find their contact information, and we couldn’t find their address on the official website.

Other than this and their Better Business Bureau negative reviews and complaints, the company hasn’t had any lawsuits, FDA, or FTC related problems.


Studies on 3 of the ingredients are lacking, and since there are only 4 additives, it’s asking for a lot to expect great results. We especially found fault in the companies controversial membership program, which is another way of saying they have auto-shipment. The price even with the discount is still much higher than what you’d be paid for.

There is no reason to pay nearly $100 for a supplement with only 4 additives in it. We also find it hard to trust them when their Better Business Bureau page has numerous repeat issues related to customer service. People often felt cheated out of money, and many were told their accounts would be handled, only to find sudden unexpected charges.

Even though they have a sleek website which his easy to navigate and full of information, the formula is lacking, reviews were mixed, and many had problems with the company. This makes it impossible to rely on the company for reliable service.




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