Serving Size is Not Just a Suggestion

nutrition facts labelOne of the biggest keys to weight loss success is facing the reality of an accurate serving size.  Let’s take this morning’s breakfast of cereal as a prime example, shall we?  If you are anything like me, I stumble into the kitchen, blearily grab a box of cereal and a bowl, and dump the cereal into the bowl.  I fill it most of the way full, and then add milk.  I sit down and eat, not paying much attention until I get to the bottom of the bowl.  Zzzzzz…

What’s the problem in this scenario?  (Other than the fact that I’m eating while just about asleep, that is…) The almost certain culprit would be the way that I poured the cereal.  Free form, loose and flowing are great things for art work, but they really play havoc on your diet.  Flip that cereal box around, see where it say SERVING SIZE?  Yeah, those words are actually there for a reason, not just as pretty filler for white space.

Do what I did when I was trying to lose weight, and actually measure out the recommended serving size — usually somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 cup.  Pour that amount into the bowl that you usually use.  Now, pick yourself up off the floor and realize that you’ve been eating two, three or more times the amount — which means, my pretties, that you’ve been eating that many more calories. So your stalled weight loss, the problem you’ve been having with those last ten pounds?  It might be solved by being aware of serving size.  This thought philosophy relates to every meal, try to learn correct portion sizes.

Eating too much, even of a good thing, is still eating too much.  Large portion sizes are one of the biggest downfalls to successful weight loss — I know it was for me.  Once I got past the thought that the low-fat chips were a good thing (are, don’t get me wrong, they are, in the PROPER serving size) and stopped eating three times the proper amount — well, then, and only then, was I on my way to successful weight loss.

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Amy says:

Amen to that! Portions are the hardest thing to control. I do behavioral counseling in weight management and it’s the hardest thing to get people to do. However you have to want to do it! And you’re right- pick yourself off the floor after actually measuring out a serving size, because you won’t believe your eyes!

Great post!

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