Shedding for the Wedding Ends with a Green Wedding

Team Eco-Lovers Sam and Brooks won their dream green wedding

This week brought us the season finale of Shedding for the Wedding. After three months of working out, dieting, and trying to lose weight at home, the final two couples – Sam and Brooks and Dawn and Adam – revealed their weight loss at a final weigh in that determined who would win their dream wedding.

First, we got to see how the six eliminated teams did after their individual eliminations. As each couple was revealed, it was very dramatic to see how much weight they had all lost. As Lindsey from Team Greek Week said, they all must have felt much more “sexy” and confident in their leaner and trimmer bodies. But, in the end, the couple that lost the most weight and, therefore, won the fantasy honeymoon at the Buchaneer Resort in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, was Team Big Band: Valerie and Dave.

Then it was all down to the Top Two Teams: Team Fun & Games and Team Eco-Lovers. When it was time for the couples to step up on the scale, it was obvious that both couples were very nervous. First went Dawn and Adam, who lost 112 combined pounds since they started the competition. Sam and Brooks jumped on the scale immediately afterwards, and had lost 161 combined pounds- making them the winners!

Throughout the show, we had short glimpses of Brian, the wedding planner, running around town trying to plan two weddings at once because he didn’t know who would win. However, as soon as it was announced that Sam and Brooks won the wedding, it was time to get serious about planning that Dream Eco-Lovers’ Wedding. In a surprise twist, Sam and Brooks announced that they wanted the other teams to be their wedding party.

The wedding took place outside on a cliff overlooking the water. Samantha was an absolute vision in white, prompting Brooks to say she was “crazy beautiful.” There was laughter and tears as the couple exchanged their vows, followed by several kisses when the preacher said Brooks could kiss his bride.

As a final twist for the couple, the Eco-Lovers were gifted a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The show ended with a very natural, eco-friendly wedding reception, which included real trees, a tree house, and a cake with real branches in it. All in all, Brooks summed it all up: “This is absolutely our dream wedding and couldn’t have been any other way.”

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