Shoes That Tone Your Body

I only recently heard of the concept that specially designed shoes could help tone your body. In fact, the new Sketchers commercials that feature football legend Joe Montana was my first exposure. Woman’s Day decided to put together a review of a group of “toning shoes.” Some of these, we have posted reviews of here at

Sketcher Shape-Ups

Skechers Shape-Ups ($110)

These are the shoes that Joe Montana is pitching in TV commercials. Shape-Ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on soft sand. The results are stronger legs, rear-end, back and ab muscles as you stabilize your steps.

Earth Exer-Walk ($69)

With a $69 price tag, the Exer-Walk is probably the most economical toning shoes on the market. It has what they refer to as a “negative heel,” which is lower than the pronounced arch. This makes you stand up straighter and feel more grounded. Woman’s Day staffer Diane Oatis tried the Exer-Walks out, and said that she felt her leg muscles were getting a good workout.


NGR ($159.99)

NGR shoes come with heavy midsoles that add resistance while you walk. Meghan Ahearn of Woman’s Day likened the experience to wearing ankle weights.

Cogent ($155)

The Cogent shoe was tested by Brynn Mannino of Woman’s Day. While the staffer noticed a toning in their lower body, they also thought it could have been due to their regular workout routine. So, the jury is still out.

MBT ($245)

When you see the MBT Foras, they kind of look like a rocking chair. The curved soles were easy on the balls of the reviewers feet. On a negative note, she felt as if her feet were bouncing with each step. For $245, you want your shoe to be perfect.

The MBT Foras

Reebok EasyTone ($109.99)

Like the Skechers Shape-Ups, wearing the Reebok EasyTone is compared to the sensation of walking on sand. There are balance pods built into the bottom of the shoe that creates a slight instability. This forces your muscles to work harder, which tones your legs and butt.

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