Silver Bullet Weight Loss Pill on Dr. Oz

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, a discussion of how the pleasure center in our brain responds to certain foods, and a new ‘silver bullet’ weight loss pill that claims to help fight cravings.

Dr. Oz will discuss what happens in our mind when we’re experiencing a craving, as well as how our brain responds when we’re eating the foods we love, describing it as an ‘orgasmic, fireworks’ experience. The danger of experiencing these mountain-top food moments, explains Dr. Oz, is that they make you feel good and then you want to eat a little more.

That’s where the new weight loss drug comes in, which he’s referring to as the ‘silver bullet.’

With this drug, says Dr. Oz, everything is changed. Instead of fireworks when eating something you love, you get this smoldering sense of enjoyment. The food doesn’t taste bad, it’s just not as exciting, so it eliminates that ‘gotta have it’ craving and helps you eat less.

Chris Powell – popular personal trainer, weight loss guru and Transformation Specialist on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition – will also appear on the show to weigh in on the potential benefits of the new drug.

Check your local listings for show times.

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